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Side Lake City
A Memoir of a Mennonite Boy Coming of Age in a Sawmill Bush Camp in the 1950’s and 60’s
by Cameron Esau

Side Lake City tells the true story of a Mennonite family’s sawmill camp in northern Alberta. Set in the 1950s and ’60s, it is the memoir of Cameron Esau’s early life.

As a young boy, Cameron’s father and uncles form a lumber business. But conditions are harsh. Over the years to follow, tragic setbacks befall the family, including Cameron’s mother’s diagnosis with an unforgiving chronic illness and the untimely deaths of two of his young brothers. Amidst the tragedy, Cameron shares heartwarming memories, such as the crisp, magical nights spent skating under the Northern Lights; carefree days spent playing with friends on a frozen creek in the forest; and the incredible fun of learning to drive heavy equipment at the age of ten.

This is a lovely and poignant memoir of a time gone by, intended as a gift for the author’s family and friends. It is a story for the younger generation, particularly those who are curious about Canada’s mid-century lifestyle. This book imbues readers with the messages that life is fragile and relationships are precious, encouraging people to fully embrace both.

Cameron Esau lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. He has written this book to share his life with others—and to satisfy curiosity about another time. This is his true life story, and these are his memories. He has lived it all.


Cameron Esau

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