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The Author
A Fairy Tale Based on a True Story by Evelyne Day Rush

An incident transforms Eva's popularity to the next level. Loving the attention, it leads her to engage in unhealthy behaviour to repeat the high. In search of significance, Eva embarks on an adventure in the world of drugs, alcohol and risky lifestyle all the while jumping from one relationship to another. With each relationship, Eva hopes that the new flame will become Mr. Right. Disappointed and at the end of her rope, she meets "The Author". Will He be the one who can finally make her feel complete and satisfied? Will He be able to fill her inner needs?

This book tells the story of Evelyne Day Rush. While the names of people and places have been changed and some events slightly altered to protect privacy, this book is a true story. Without shame, Evelyne exposes her teenage years and early adulthood when experiencing the fleeting pleasures an unrestrained and loose life offers. She unfolds the events that transformed her life into a true fairy tale.

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Evelyne Day Rush is an Author and Writer holding a Master’s Degree in Counselling. With over 20 years experience public speaking and helping people overcome relational and inner issues, she is using her book in the hope that her story impacts your heart so that you also encounter the life transforming relationship she experienced.

Evelyne lives happily ever after on a lake front house in the bush with her lifelong husband Andrew. Together they have two children who are now adults.


Evelyne Day Rush

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