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Memoir, Family Relationships, Sexual Assault, Mental Health, Social Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counseling

Getting Here From There
The First 10 years
by Clara Atmane

Learn to tell your truth from a reflective, honest, nonreactive prospective.

Recently retired from a challenging legal career, Clara Atmane was asking the big questions: Who am I now? Why am I here now? Why am I still so lonely?

Digging into the first ten years of her life, Atmane uncovered secrets and hidden treasure. Blame and anger turned to wonder and curiosity. Emotions and trauma in those first ten years defined her; yet, her ability to survive and the techniques she developed also came to shape who she had become. In Getting Here From There, Ms. Atmane proves that where you start has no bearing on where you can end up.

Born the youngest of six in a farming family, the idyllic backdrop hid a hostile and unwelcoming environment. The messages in those formative years were clear: You are ugly. Your birth caused our mother’s mental illness. If you tell, you will not be believed.

There was a dark side to her family.

There were villains.

Thankfully, there was also survival.

Getting Here From There will show you how one woman came to forgive and even thank the people who mistreated her.

The book’s tone is candid in expressing difficult instances and inner turmoil, including struggles to overcome an eating disorder, constant fear arising from growing up in a dysfunctional family, and feelings of loneliness. Its present-set diary entries recount past events alongside everyday activities and feelings, resulting in a close, comprehensive account.

Thoughtful and inspiring, Getting Here From There is a memoir about overcoming childhood trauma."

- Reviewed by Edith Wairimu, Foreword Clarion Reviews. 4/5 stars

Working for many years as a social worker and then a lawyer with victims of abuse, the author has firsthand insight into how our criminal justice system fails victims and has seen how the very methods people use to protect themselves can actually make them compromised witnesses. As an abuse victim herself, she knows the shame of hidden secrets, the feelings of unworthiness, the impatience waiting for justice, the extreme difficulty in telling the truth, and the relief of survival.

The truth is often hurtful and often misses its mark causing the wrong people to suffer. So all names have been changed and locations made anonymous to avoid causing harm.

The author lives with best buddy, her dog, Casey, surrounded by her extended family of friends.


Clara Atmane

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