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  • Emerging from the Shadows

    Racialized Students’ Mental Health by

    Emerging from the Shadows aims to enlighten academics, researchers, university students, and the general public about the development of mental health services in a university environment—with a special focus on racialized students. Based on ...

  • Dialogue

    The Influence of Intra-personal Discourse on Interpersonal Communication in Fostering Relationships in a Digital Age by

    I am glad to see a new work from Fr. Emmanuel Olusola on the importance of dialogue. In a world with advanced technologies for communication, coupled with increasing polarization, it is a task of both the Church and of society to create dynamics for ...

  • Social Psychology and Social Change in Nigeria

    A Systematic Evaluation of Government Social Policies and Programs by

    Governments in the developing nations of Africa invest much of their countries’ scarce resources in social and economic development programs, often without much evaluation of the programs or any knowledge of the potential outcomes. Social Psychology ...

  • Getting Here From There

    The First 10 years by

    Learn to tell your truth from a reflective, honest, nonreactive prospective. Recently retired from a challenging legal career, Clara Atmane was asking the big questions: Who am I now? Why am I here now? Why am I still so lonely? Digging into the ...

  • Friday I went to therapy, Saturday I went crazy

    Travels through health, to insanity and back home by

    This book takes the reader through the author’s personal experiences in psychotherapy with a variety of therapists and approaches. She starts with her Danbury psychiatrist, an analyst, describing all her thoughts and feelings and fantasies and ends ...