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Trajectory of love, Internal Conflict, Anthem Poetry, Love and Loss, Solitude Poetry, Heartbreak Poetry, Family Dynamics

by Elda Pappadà

Finding meaning in life and giving weight to everything we do—this is the essence of Freedom.

Ah-ha moments and epiphanies don’t happen very often in our lives. But, when they do, wouldn’t it be wonderful to record them, to reflect upon them at a later stage in our lives, and to perhaps learn or re-learn something we can carry with us as we go forward?

More than a book of poetry, Freedom is an emotional archive gleaned from those face-to-face conversations we have with ourselves when we look in the mirror and from those day-to-day internal struggles we all have about life, soul, and acceptance. These are the words that arise from a place somewhere between our heads and hearts.

Freedom is about our relationships—with others and with ourselves—in moments of happiness and angst. Freedom is about love, heartbreak, family, hope, sadness, reflection, anger, despair, and more.

Written during a seven-year period, this collection of clear, concise poetry evokes the interior life that most of us experience as we navigate the emotional highs and lows of our everyday lives but few of us take the time to record.

Sometimes things end badly, and sometimes we learn from, and accept, the various situations we find ourselves in throughout our lives. Whether you are a teenager going through heartbreak or an adult going through a marriage separation, you may find yourself reflected in these poems, and you may find some solace and freedom.

Elda Pappadà has always been interested in the arts, writing, and creating. She studied creative writing and art history at Concordia University in Montreal. While there, she merged the two disciplines to create a monologue to insert within an art history research paper. That paper was subsequently published in the Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History. She has also written and produced a play for the Montreal Fringe Festival, and she has written and published a nutritional blog.

Elda was inspired to write Freedom so that she could: “keep quiet the nagging voice in my head.” She has now decided to re-dedicate all of her focus on writing and publishing her poetry, and Freedom is her first collection.

Elda currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.


Elda Pappadà

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