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The Huckabirds Learn about Self-Worth cover

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  • 68 pages
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  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)
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  • 978-1-5255-4765-2 eBook
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Juvenile fiction, Children, Self-worth, Jealousy, Christian life, Beginner reader, Family

The Huckabirds Learn about Self-Worth
by J. R. Huckaby

The foundation of a child’s sense of self worth is built during the early years of life. As parents and caretakers, our investments in this early developing sense of worth will be potentially the most enduring gift we may give to a child – or, sadly, the greatest setback. The Huckabirds Learn About Self-Worth is a collection of stories in which the first children’s story centers around twin sisters – Clara and Chloe Huckabird – who learn to set jealousy aside and celebrate the unique abilities they each have. The second story is about Henry Huckabird. When he compares himself to other birds, it doesn’t make him happy. But when he learns to celebrate the success of others, he finds it helps his own feelings of self-worth. Collectively, the young Huckabirds all learn that giving encouragement and praise grows more encouragement and praise. There is always more than enough when shared and everyone is built up. Told from a Christian perspective, the book includes a section of practical instructions for family and caregivers to help young children talk about and build a strong and powerful foundation of core Christian principles for their sense of self-worth that will last a lifetime.

"As a pediatrician, I try to offer lessons of truth for raising kids. How I wish I had the Huckabirds when I was a young parent and how thankful I am that I can share these with my patients and parents."

—R. Michael Green, MD

"This book helps children understand the invaluable truth about their own worth -- that they are loved, belong, and celebrated by the God of the universe. It not only paints a beautiful overarching theological perspective of identity, but also gives parents practical advice on how to help their child avoid comparison and instead to live out of their innate value and worth. I highly recommend it to children and parents alike!"

—Summers McMurray, Psy.D., licensed clinical psychologist

"You can't help but love the Huckabirds! As a former elementary school educator and current Preschool Director in a large, faith-based school, the Huckabirds series engages children to learn about themselves, others, and how God celebrates our differences. These captivating books provide parents additional support in building core Christian principles in their children's lives. I recommend this wonderful series to benefit generations of family members!"

—Karen Witcher, Director, Cedar Springs Weekday School

Early Childhood M.Ed.

J. R. Huckaby photo

Debut children’s author J. R. Huckaby has a lengthy professional background in child development. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Science in Educational Psychology and Guidance. She served both as a middle school counselor and high school counselor for several years. She also served as a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice for some fifteen years in North Carolina. Judy has also served on church staff in pastoral care. She lives in Tennessee with her husband. Her three married, adult sons have added three beloved grandchildren to the family fold. These stories are for them and all children.


J. R. Huckaby

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