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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Friendship, Children, Rhyming, Animals, Poems for kids, Thoughts and feelings, Humour

Where The Water Meets The Shore
Poems for Young Minds by Laurie Rodgers

This is my first collection of poems and limericks. The ideas were jotted down on hot summer days in Algonquin Park or cold winter evenings at Lake Huron. These poems are designed for young children to read and enjoy...maybe to inspire their own ideas for writing poetry or even short stories.

After over 30 years of teaching in primary education in Toronto, I drew from my experiences and fond memories of teaching children to read and write.

From my great nephew Oliver and niece Abby, to my 99 year old father, Edward, I have written about my experiences, thoughts and dreams; words and prose that I hope children will love and remember. It has truly been a work in progress.

As this is my first book, I have learned a lot and recognised the work that it takes to concentrate to complete a project like this. And I like to acknowledge the hard work and creativeness of my daughter and illustrator, Sara Rodgers.

Thank you to everyone that contributed ideas and encouragement. And to the entire team at FriesenPress.

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Laurie lives in Toronto, Ontario with her family: Andy, Sara and Ali. She is now retired after 30 years as a primary school teacher and has been enjoying life in Toronto and the vicinity. Her days are spent writing, reading, visiting her parents and enjoying her family, friends and routine. She has a shiny black lab named Koda and a beautiful tortoise shell-coloured cat named Kairi. Laurie is also currently supply teaching at a few schools in her neighbourhood, including Parkside Public School and Rolph Road Elementary School.  She has extended her teaching career by tutoring young children in literacy and primary mathematics. This is the first book that she has published.


Laurie Rodgers
Sara Rodgers

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