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The Cracks In The Sidewalk
Poems For Kids by Gordon Chisholm

The cracks in the sidewalk

that go on forever

Are crazy and crumbling and snaking together.

The Canadian tradition of illustrated children’s humorous poetry collections begins with Dennis Lee’s Alligator Pie. To that tradition is added this latest worthy contribution, The Cracks in the Sidewalk by Gordon Chisholm.

Many of these 30 poems, accompanied by 32 black-and-white line-drawing illustrations, provide a humorous and playful view of common everyday experiences that children have, such as simply walking along on a sidewalk. Other poems are whimsical flights of fancy or observations of the natural world. All together, these fun verses aim at widening children's sense of curiosity and wonder, and promoting feelings of self assurance and confidence in their abilities.

I wish I had an Artobot

To draw the lines that I cannot,

To choose the colours that fit the scene,

So that my pictures look bright and clean.

An Artobot to shade wherever I please,

To tint and tone with skilful ease.

About the Author:

Gordon Chisholm has always had a passion for art and music. Having taught elementary school in the North York education system for more than 20 years, Chisholm brought this passion to his students. He has now combined these areas through the medium of poetry, incorporating his fascination with the natural world and the inspiration gained from the many children to have moved through his classroom. The Cracks in the Sidewalk is his first book publication.

About the Illustrator:

Alicia Neal is a “homegrown, free range artist” based in Vancouver. A graduate of Windsor House School, she specializes in customer service and digital art. This is also her first book-illustration publication.


Gordon Chisholm
Alicia Neal

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