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    • Mental health concerns,
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    • coping with depression,
    • coping with anxiety,
    • coping with addiction,
    • suicide and self-harm

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The Storm Within
The Demons We Deal With Every Day
by Dr. Ronald Laybolt

MENTAL HEALTH is something we all struggle to attain. Social, psychological, and emotional wellbeing can make the difference between living our best lives and just surviving day by day, hanging on by our fingernails. It affects how we feel, think, and behave. Over the course of our lives, most individuals will experience mental-health problems that will negatively impact their ability to make good choices, relate well with the world, and be comfortable within their own minds. And when that happens, we feel very much alone, but that could not be further from the truth. We all go through those periods when our own minds seem to be working against our best interests. Some of us have to deal with it our whole lives. But there are people who want to help, be they friends, family members, volunteers manning phone help lines, or trained professionals who have dedicated their lives to making a difference. This book focusses on thirteen different types of mental illness, breaking down their symptoms, causes, treatments, and stories, from both people who have had to live with these illnesses and from those striving to help. Whether you are dealing with these issues yourself, or looking for answers to help someone you love, you are not alone. Together, we all have to face The Storm Within.

Dr. Ronald Laybolt has a doctorate in business administration and a master’s degree in science. He is also a military veteran who lives with PTSD. This first-hand awareness of the way mental illness can negatively impact lives has inspired his interest in making the public aware of its prevalence in society, giving family and friends of those suffering a basic understanding of what their loved ones are going through, and ensuring that people who are dealing with a mental illness understand that they are not alone.


Dr. Ronald Laybolt

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