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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

friendship, inclusion, animals, family, fantasy, prayer, nature

Bluebell and Snowflake
The story of an Unlikely Friendship
by Jessica Tonn

Jess desperately wants a bird, so in faith she prays for one. One day she and her sister and best friend find an injured pigeon under a rock. The girls name the pigeon Bluebell and take it to live in the rabbit coop with Snowflake, a fluffy white bunny. The bird and the rabbit become fast friends and live in harmony with one another, teaching the children that friendship isn’t always built on similarities.

Jessica Tonn has created a beautiful story about friendship, diversity, and facing challenges. Through the bond shared between Snowflake and Bluebell, young readers learn that they can overcome life’s obstacles and difficult circumstances and find friendship in the most unexpected places. The first in a collection of tales about Jess, Em, and a variety of delightful animals, Bluebell and Snowflake will make a cherished addition to every child’s library.

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Driven by a life-long passion for reading and writing, Jessica Tonn desires her words and tales to impact young lives and bring joy to her readers. As a young girl, she prayed for a bird and nursed many wounded birds back to health. Based on her own experiences growing up on a farm, her collection of stories will entertain and delight while teaching timeless, Biblical truths to readers.

Jessica lives with her husband, her horse, Moxy, and her dog, Pujer, in Langley, British Columbia. She currently works as a registered nurse helping people as wounded pigeons are few and far between. Her siblings have given her eight nieces and nephews, and she writes her books with their enjoyment in mind.


Jessica Tonn
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