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Is This All There Is?
Living a Life Beyond Obligation
by Monique Verpoort

ARE YOU TIRED OF PUTTING YOURSELF LAST? Women have been socialized to put the well-being of others first. The belief that we need to be there for everyone but ourselves can and does wreak havoc on our health and well-being and can make us lose touch with what actually excites and fulfils us. Feeling somewhat empty and directionless, we may be wondering, “Is this all there is?” In Is This All There Is? Living a Life Beyond Obligation, readers are introduced to a powerful tool known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or tapping. EFT is a form of acupressure that allows us to access and dissolve the subconscious beliefs that often prevent us from experiencing a life of greater potential, joy and well-being. EFT will provide you with the freedom to choose how you want to take control of your life. Is This All There Is? Living a Life Beyond Obligation will help you to: • Become emotionally free from thoughts and beliefs that have sabotaged your joy • Become more attuned to what you really want • Follow your heart and own your greatness • Understand your body as an energetic system, not just a physical one • Transform limiting beliefs into empowered beliefs through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Featuring real life stories from women who have taken control of their futures with EFT, Is This All There Is? Living a Life Beyond Obligation offers resources and analysis to provide enhanced belief of possibility to women who are tired of living unfulfilling lives dedicated to everyone but themselves.

This book provides a convincing answer to the question, “Is This All There Is?” The author capably integrates profound information about human energy and troublesome beliefs with highly relatable personal stories. Be warned though – you’ll have no difficulty seeing the ‘mistaken identities’ you have falsely adopted. Blessedly, you’ll also be well taught how to release them and live your authentic truth using Emotional Freedom Techniques. — Nancy Forrester MBA, B.Ed., B.Sc. Executive Director, National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute

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Monique Verpoort is a registered social worker and trainer who has worked in the field of children’s mental health for close to twenty years. She is a certified practitioner in the modality of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with both national (NeftTI) and international (EFT International) organizations. Her experience working with both clients and professionals as well as doing her own personal work over the years has provided her with a unique perspective on the way in which self-regulation techniques such as EFT coupled with focused action, can transform limiting beliefs into peace of mind, increased joy, positive transformation, and a life of unexplored possibility at any age. Monique has seen lives radically change for the better when subconscious limiting beliefs are transformed into empowered ones, and she continues to dedicate her life to helping women become emotionally free.


Monique Verpoort

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