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Family Relationships, Sexual Assault, Mental Health, Social Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Dysfunctional families

Friday I went to therapy, Saturday I went crazy
Travels through health, to insanity and back home
by Jean Steinfeld

This book takes the reader through the author’s personal experiences in psychotherapy with a variety of therapists and approaches. She starts with her Danbury psychiatrist, an analyst, describing all her thoughts and feelings and fantasies and ends that process in a psychotic state. Prior to this experience, although in therapy in her twenties, she had never been on medication. After this therapy with this analytically oriented psychiatrist, she became disorganized, being treated with a variety of medications which only added to her problems and a devastating affect on her psyche and self-esteem. The cause of her deterioration was the fact that the therapist lost control and got involved with Jean emotionally, so that Jean could never figure out what was real, her feelings or the therapist’s. she finally escaped from this therapy, and she discusses the other work she did with a variety of therapists. She describes her life as a victim of sexual abuse, family relationships and how she eventually overcome her pain and suffering. Jean emerged as a strong, effective and compassionate therapist working with abused women and she tells her poignant story of survival. She coined the word “Musband”, a mother-husband, a fantasy person that motivated part of her life. The book also talks to the issue of the dangers of the psychotherapy process and what to be aware of.

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Jean Steinfeld was raised in Brooklyn, New York, a product of the values of a middle-class Jewish family. She attended Jefferson High School, and graduated from Brooklyn College, where she met her husband and married in 1959. She and her husband George had two children, and eventually moved to Connecticut where she pursued her further education, first as a teacher of learning disabilities, and then became a social worker, receiving her MSW from Yeshiva University in New York. She became a social activist during the 1960’s, and eventually developed her own private practice working with a variety of patients, but specializing in working with victims of physical and sexual abuse, multiple personalities and borderline personality disorders. Her work with one patient is an intense volume of this work and remains unpublished.


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