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Children’s fiction, Spider monkeys, Monkeys, Mexico, Spanish language, Spanish for kids, Animals and nature

Pepe and his Spider Monkey
by Linda A. Martin

“Pepe and his Spider Monkey”... is another interesting, educational and entertaining short story told through the eyes of children. That takes place off the coast of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. It will benefit the young readers and inspire children in ways of raising awareness and create an interest in the spider monkey. The spider monkey is very close to being an endangered species. The spider monkeys are among some of the smartest primates in the world and are very social animals that love attention. With this book the young readers are again encouraged and able to have fun with the book by learning more new Spanish words. Just like the first book of this series the book is directed towards children 7-11 years of age it will stir their curiosity in the wonders of nature but adults and younger children will enjoy it also.

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Linda A. Martin ... is retired and a grandmother of five. She is from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and

pends most of her winter months in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This book “Pepe and his Spider Monkey” is her second children’s book that she

has published for this series. Many people have asked her why it took so long to finally have her stories published. She believes that she is helping children learn about the wonderful creatures that nature has to offer, along with some Spanish words with her easy bilingual books. She has been a member of the internet social groups... Books Books Children’s Books and ... Internet Marketing for Children’s Authors and Books, since June 2018.


Linda A. Martin

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