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dementia, moments, memory, grandparents, family, older adults, visiting loved ones with dementia

Tuesdays with Henry
Making Moments with Grandma Ellen
by Marlane Pentelechuk

Henry’s great-grandma, Grandma Ellen, calls him “Little One” because she forgets his name. She forgets a lot of other things too and doesn’t have many memories left because she has something called dementia.

Henry’s Gram says, “That’s okay, Henry! WE know who Grandma Ellen is even if she doesn’t always know us! Grandma Ellen is losing her MEMORIES, but she loves the MOMENTS because they happen right now!”

So Gram and Henry spend many Tuesdays with Grandma Ellen and the other grandmas and grandpas who live in her care centre, and they make every moment count!

Tuesdays with Henry...Making Moments with Grandma Ellen is a simple story that demonstrates how parents can involve their young children when visiting loved ones who are often lonely, lost and confused due to Alzheimer's and dementia . With the focus on making "moments" rather than "memories", there is a gentle reminder that even those who struggle to remember can still enjoy simple experiences and visits where they feel included and loved. This book includes examples of ways to "make every moment count" as well as a special section for parents to guide them in making a successful visit. Parents and children, alike will learn lessons about the beauty and value of empathy, respect and spending time with the elderly, especially those struggling with dementia.

A former elementary school teacher, Marlane Pentelechuk retired from the classroom to care for her aging parents. When her mother was placed in a secure care facility due to her advanced dementia, Marlane learned many lessons about interacting with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and how appreciated and significant regular visits can be, not only for the patient but also for the visitor.

Now “Gram” to little Henry, she finds great delight in having him join her as they make moments together for Grandma Ellen and the other residents on the unit. Her desire is that this story would inspire other families with loved ones who have dementia to find value in regular visits and look for ways to make them meaningful, if only for the “moment”.

Marlane Pentelechuk lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada with her husband, Darren.


Marlane Pentelechuk
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