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Poetry, Emotions, Language, Healing wounds, Making meaning, Nature, Horseback riding

Emptiness Twisted Into Potential
by Nyssa Eagle

Once what has been deemed young year’s starts to fade what those before have lived through easily follows behind. Enticing what has been said to shift into phrases others have warned of accompanied by ones unique to you. Far from just navigating in new crowds we are vulnerable of staying in a shell inevitably seen by the world made before to walk on. To make the task harder our own steps has to be realized as pressure around wants to have its say not just acknowledged but seen. There is no shortage of difficulty when the person we are becoming does not always seem on our side. Not all responses lead to cheerful skipping instead the opportunity to continue falling or continuing is given.

-Provide another way of looking at issues that are known and some that are barely talked of outside of our own mind. Photos accompanying are meant to further show this as representation of how issues are prevalent enough to be matched to nature.

-It is set in an environment where supernatural forces are evident to aid in pointing out how differently shared obstacles are handled.

-Highlight how others are able to sway us not just from where we want to be physically but emotionally as well.

I have written since I was first introduced using it as a outlet to express myself when outside of it I was very shy and had a better chance of going along whether I really wanted to or not. After entering Poetry Institute of Canada contest in 2010 I was one of the individuals to be included in “The Treasure Ship”. The same year I participated in the young writer’s conference where published authors provided classes aiding in the growth of my writing. I have not stopped since and gained the confidence to expand their topics. In Calgary cats nap beside and at my dad’s Lily made sure I was not sitting for too long. There are many challenges however there are relentless ones that personally I was not prepared for so I want to share a way to defeat them.


Nyssa Eagle

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