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Elder wisdom, Life tools & principles, Personal Growth, Life cycle, Simple life, Spirituality, Ancestral spirits

The Space Between
Discussions With My Grandchildren On Navigating Life
by Lorenzo M. Nicodemo

Rarely does an inspirational book come along that touches both the heart and the soul while delving deeply into the workings of humanity. The Space Between is a book about life. It challenges the reader to look at life from a different perspective; that life is truly simple and far less complicated if we choose to make it so. Written as a narrative in discussions with his grandchildren, Lorenzo takes you through life from arrival to departure while poignantly challenging many of the human systems we have adopted that serve to keep us enslaved, dependent and hindering us from living life to the fullest. Through discussion and youthful curiosity the characters take you deep inside yourself challenging you to to throw off self imposed shackles and to rediscover your true self. Brimming with insights, parables and astonishing real life experiences the reader is carefully guided from a unique perspective that upends many of the things in life we take for granted. It expertly unravels many of life’s myths and brilliantly demonstrates that life is not a struggle and that we alone are responsible for living a life that is full, rich and overflowing with happiness. This book is a timely, powerful, thought provoking and compelling must read for everyone.

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During his life Lorenzo Nicodemo has truly worn a multi coloured coat. With an innate insight and understanding of human behaviour he graduated with studies in Psychology and Sociology and subsequently Business and Commerce. Coupled with his natural abilities and educational background Lorenzo developed extensive depth and breadth of experience working in numerous interesting and extremely varied capacities he describes as a “smorgasborg” career. He has worked as a Teacher, CorporateTrainer, Career Counsellor, Dry Cleaning Delivery Driver, Vice President of Sales, General Manager and Controller, Short Order Cook, Management Consultant, Restaurant Owner, Precious Stones Salesperson, Office Manager, Labour Relations Negotiator, Taxi Driver and Vice President Human Resources just to mention a few. From his early years he has been a poet, a writer, a philosopher and a dreamer. He lives in Ridgeway, Ontario with his wife, Sandra, and their gentle rescue cat Maybelline. This is his first book.


Lorenzo M. Nicodemo

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