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Fiction, Modern Women, Family saga, Childhood loss, Relationships, Growing up, Character-driven stories

The Hitchhiker's Patchwork of Photons
A Human Story by Monique Elizabeth Savoie

The novel is fiction, a tapestry of family saga with chaos and order. Is it possible to survive a misstep? The characters don't walk away from their purpose or people they care. They live with passion. They create. They stop to listen their surroundings. They hear and see. They breathe in the fresh air. It is organic; a theatrical life-survival homage. Unconditional love no matter what. The characters have the incentive to improve and do better with mindfulness-steps. They hop for a hitchhike of creative Flow. A vivid poignant 'parcour' of colourful wondering of day to day events. Perhaps invisible photons helping out to heal and learn new stitches for a decorative patchwork, a unique human masterpiece. Each character has the will to act with kindness. No bullying. No guns. But life is never perfect. Spontaneously, the characters try to modify their daily steps; a hitch-lift-ride to discover more about why do we live? and what for? This fast pace story is a recipe of flavoured ingredients from the 60s to now; spiced with historical data; homemade gardens adding to the sugary sound of musical hits. Life is mysterious. One must have good reflexes, and guidance from the elders, family, and caring friends to contour multiple happenstance twists that occurs. This is a contemporary metaphorical voyage on Blue Planet Earth. From Montréal, Québec, Ottawa, Toronto, West Coast, and abroad, do the characters appreciate? Do they make a difference? If so, how? This is a learning experience. It is up to the reader to find out. In the meantime, hug a tree with gratitude, and dally with the lightness of being towards a bountiful promise green land-of-no walls.

Author is born in Montréal, French descend, 14th generation as a Québécois. Loves her native country Canada, from coast to coast.

Her relatives and business contacts live in each provinces, therefore author does not believe in separation. She compares it as cutting healthy branches off a prolific strong tree.

Author is well travelled. Went abroad to launch new technology, new architecture; special events organizer; protocol background and etiquette. Loves hiking, gardens, dogs and horses.

Bilingual actress; narrator and story-teller. Involved as a volunteer for community services to sick children and companion to elders. Language coach to new immigrants.


Monique Elizabeth Savoie

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