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The Monkey Who Ate Meatballs cover

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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Children’s poetry, Story in verse, Monkeys, Zoos, Animals, Talking animals, Friendship

The Monkey Who Ate Meatballs
by Allyson L. Casstevens

In the big city of Mazikatoo, there is a monkey named Marvin who lives in the zoo. Marvin has lots of friends at the zoo, but he is silly and curious, and he wants to do something new.

One day, he escapes from his cage and climbs up a tree. From there, he can see a big new world! But first, he is hungry. He smells something delicious coming from a nearby restaurant, so he goes to find out what it is. Lots of surprises await Marvin, including a yummy treat and a new friend! By the book’s final page, readers will have warm hearts and big smiles.

“The Monkey Who Ate Meatballs” will appeal to the natural curiosity of children. Whether the story is read to them or they read it themselves, they will have so much fun following Marvin on his adventure and learning the joy of being kind and helpful to others.

Allyson L. Casstevens is currently a writer and a stay-at-home mom. With over fifteen years of experience working with children (including seven years of work as a early childhood educator), and having written since she was nine, Allyson is passionate about the way books spark creativity in young minds. She holds an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Woodland Baptist Christian School, an associate degree in Early Childhood Special Needs from Forsyth Technical Community College, as well certificates in Early Literacy, American Sign Language, and more.

Allyson currently lives in Rural Hall, North Carolina, with her husband, three daughters, and dog. “The Monkey Who Ate Meatballs” is her first publication.


Allyson L. Casstevens
Sakshi Mangal

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