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  • Monkey Tale Adventures

    Loose in the Zoo by

    Two little monkeys are about to get into serious trouble. First they escape from their enclosure at the zoo and cause mayhem with their animal friends. Then, they follow some children home! What happens when two little monkeys escape from the zoo? ...

  • Yuri and the Treasure Box


    Yuri is quite the curious monkey! One day, while walking along the Amazon River, he bumps into something strange, something he has never seen before. He picks it up, wondering what it could be. Is it a hat? A seat? A drum? No . . . it’s a treasure ...

  • Mushy Mashed Bananas


    A cute little monkey has trouble trying to squish and squash all kinds of fruit. He does not peel and eat bananas like other monkeys but instead likes to squish and squash his bananas. He has so much fun eating mushy mashed bananas in his pyjamas!

  • The Monkey Who Ate Meatballs


    In the big city of Mazikatoo, there is a monkey named Marvin who lives in the zoo. Marvin has lots of friends at the zoo, but he is silly and curious, and he wants to do something new. One day, he escapes from his cage and climbs up a tree. From ...