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Motorcycle rider, Accident trauma, Search & Rescue, PTSD, Family support, Rehabilitation, First person account

Lost - 7 hours to Live
The Paul Kerr story and his 2nd chance at life.
by Lori Luczka

It was a beautiful early summer day on the Kootaney's one to remember. I was home, My town that I knew well and the people knew me. Carbon Compound helmet on I headed out for a bike ride up Grey Creek Pass. On my return that afternoon something went wrong, terribly wrong. This story shares the nearly 3 days I was missing, the struggle of the find and the fight to get through with my second chance at life, not forgetting the community that rallied around me and the family and friends that have supported me through everything. You will learn along the way the amazing coincidences that happened that helped give me my second chance and the determination and drive I still have within me.

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Lori Luczka grew up in Creston, an hour and a half south of Kimberley. Her and Paul became friends through there teens. 25 years later she has had Saskatoon her home. It was only by a friend letting her know of the accident that happened she had gotten in contact with him yet again. After nearly 28 years the two connected and he shared what he knew of what happened. The story sounded amazing so she offered to write a book about it to help him understand all the blanks he was missing. Her not being a writer full time she took it upon herself to research the facts and found she was touched by it the more she learned. It was an honor to work for him on this and work with him in helping with his second chance at life.


Lori Luczka

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