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Medical Best Practices, Medical Ethics, Medical Radiation, Tech Health System, Medical Technology, Medical Education

Medicine The Dirty Profession - A Life Long Struggle of A Medical Doctor
by Dr. Nabil Basanti

Don’t Trust Your Doctor!

Do you know what to do when a loved one gets sick?

Or, do you know how to handle medical information that a doctor gives you?

And furthermore, can you trust what your doctor tells you?

Medicine the Dirty Profession is a real-life story of a medical doctor who stumbled in the dirt of the medical profession while trying to achieve his dreams. Through this book, Dr. Nabil Basanti exposes incidents and episodes from his heroic medical practice in an underdeveloped country, to the dirty and greedy medical environment in the civilized world.

In Medicine the Dirty Profession, you will learn:

• Behind the scenes knowledge of how some doctors are practicing.

• How to prepare for an appointment with a doctor or specialist by equipping yourself with tools to keep you safe and guide you to receive the best treatment when you, or your loved ones, get sick.

• The real reason why wait-times for receiving an MRI are so long.

A story of triumph over adversity, Dr. Basanti informs the reader of what is happening in the medical profession and advises on how to navigate the medical environment with honest and horrifying examples from his own experience in the field and how these were diligently handled.

Dr. Basanti has travelled the world pursuing higher education and his dreams of specialization in medicine; yet, found instead: unfriendly laws, prejudice, preferential treatment, and dirty medicine in Australia, the Middle East, Great Britain, and North America. Faced with barriers in Canadian qualifications for practicing medicine, Dr. Basanti’s passion for patients directed him to study and requalify as a Medical Radiation Technologist to practice Nuclear Medicine and MRI. As Chief Technologist in hospitals and independent health facilities across Canada, he made significant improvements in the industry.

He was inspired to write this book in Europe during the Charlie Hebdo massacre as millions of people worldwide held up their pens and signs of “Je suis Charlie,” expressing their freedom of speech.


Dr. Nabil Basanti

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