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Family farm, Saskatchewan, Farming, Agriculture, Childhood memories, Father son, Cattle

Fields and Fencelines
Stories of Life on a Family Farm
by Mark E. Hillenbrand

The family farm was a place to learn values, work ethic, and develop character.

For Author Mark Hillenbrand, it was a place where happy childhood memories were created and discipline and routine were important. Deeply rooted in the hard work of planting and harvesting, raising cattle and chickens, and maintaining the property and machinery, is a sense of responsibility and belonging. His father instilled in him— with words but mostly by example—the importance of cultivating a deep respect and sense of stewardship of the land and its creatures. From Mark’s first time driving a tractor at age ten, to tree planting as a young man, to assisting his father during his last harvest, the farm provided life lessons that bound the family together and extend to the next generation. At once nostalgic and realistic, Fields and Fencelines is a collection of stories that appeals to a simpler, holistic approach to life and reveals the insight and wisdom gained from growing up on a family farm.

"Each story is related with intimate detail, often humorous and always loaded with charming imagery.... This entertaining memoir’s reminiscences stick in the mind and bring awareness to both the intensity of farm work and the significance of the environment on the living beings within it."

- Foreword Clarion Reviews 5/5 Stars

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Mark Hillenbrand was raised on a family farm in north central Saskatchewan and always imagined he would spend his life as a farmer. Recognizing that the traditional family farm was becoming a thing of the past Mark left home in search of opportunities that might bring him back again. In the “meantime” Mark is the senior partner and a founding member of the law firm Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP and has been practicing law for over twenty years. Mark lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with his wife Kristin, and his amazing teenagers Luke and Kendall, to whom he seeks to impart farm wisdom every day. Also with them is Havoc, their strangely affectionate cat who would not last an hour on the farm.


Mark E. Hillenbrand

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