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Mind & Music
Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row
by Brian Farrell

Mind & Music: Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row is a book filled with relevant and enlightening anecdotes to help people find their own “voice.” Watching life from the back row - close enough to see, hear and feel the vibe - but not too close to mess up the flow... makes all the difference! Insights, tips, life lessons and stories collected by Farrell through decades of working with singers, songwriters, performing artists, live presenters and television personalities are shared to inspire you.

“It is simply no coincidence that Brian’s students have gone

on to excel at the highest levels of the music industry, as well

as in all other walks of life. I hope he inspires you, as he did

me, to go for it.”

- Raghav, Multi-Platinum Singer / Songwriter

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Brian Farrell has coached everyone from award winning musicians and successful CEO’s to well known presenters and personalities. Brian Farrell Music Inc. helps artists find their signature sound through vocal coaching, innovative workshops and artistic mentorship. His work with Parkinson patients, neurologists and neuroscientists opened another opportunity to use the power of music. Brian travels regularly to New York, Chicago and Toronto for inspiration and time with his family.


Brian Farrell

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