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family, relationships, nature, mindfulness, purpose, writing, meditation

Stopping to Smell the Flowers
Everything's Coming Up Roses by Stephanie Malo

Stopping to Smell the Flowers is a series of books which are sure to empower readers to find their true calling. A collection of personal reflections designed to help readers be present in the moment, when we stop and smell the flowers in our own life, we start to see our purpose. Prepare to journey through life and the soul on subjects such as relationships, spirituality, synchronicity, kindness and love. By stepping away from the chaos of schedules and responsibilities just long enough to take in your surroundings, you will discover a new energy and optimism for life. This is not a “self-help” manual with easy-to-follow instructions. It is a companion to walk with you on your journey. This inspiring “work of art” will touch the hearts of a wide range of readers.

Essentially, we are all the same. We arrive to this life not knowing where we came from or when the journey will end. Faced with life’s challenges and joys, somewhere in the middle of all these moments, is grace. While stopping to smell the flowers, there is a knowing, a sense of peace and understanding. May this book help you find it.

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Stephanie lives near London, Ontario, Canada with her husband, two children and four cats. She plays the bagpipes when she remembers to, writes at the local library every week and has a full-time career in sales and marketing. She guides a mindfulness meditation group in her community which has quickly grown in membership and has expanded to two additional locations, showing there is a need for people to carve out space to stop and consider their lives for a moment and to wake up from the trance in which we can find ourselves. Stephanie is the author of Stopping to Smell the Flowers: Extraordinary Observations of Everyday Life. She is currently working on the third book in the Stopping to Smell the Flowers series.


Stephanie Malo

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