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The Book Bandit cover

Book Details:
  • 32 pages
  • Standard Color
  • 8.5 x 11.0 inches

Juvenile Fiction, Beginner Reader, Picture Book, Action & Adventure, Animals, Sharing, Mystery

The Book Bandit
Mystery of the Missing Books by Micah Groberman and Ivan Solomon

Mila and her younger brother Evan are ready for bed and about to choose a bedtime story from their bookshelf. But WAIT!

The bookshelf is completely empty! Not one book in sight! Had they simply vanished? Were they stolen? If so, by who? Was it the reclusive Raccoon, the sneaky Snake, or could it be the grumpy Grizzly Bear?

Join them on their adventure as they travel through enchanted forests, over icy mountains and across moonlit lakes to solve the Mystery of the Missing Books!

Micah Groberman and Ivan Solomon photo

Internationally-renowned designer, artist, storyteller, father, grandfather, Ivan Solomon & photographer, creative writer, father, Micah Groberman launched Painted Rocket Designs as a creative collaboration to create and develop fun, colourful children’s art, books & games.

The Book Bandit is their first children’s picture book and joins a creative collection of wall murals, art prints, greeting cards, and original framed artist prints which can be personalized for a special child in your life. Commissions for Painted Rocket Designs have included wall and ceiling murals for retail stores, private pediatric hospitals and the recent innovative addition to

B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. To learn more, visit their web site at:


Micah Groberman
Ivan Solomon

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