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Dug & Rustle cover

Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Children’s book, Pets, Dogs, Beagles, Bears, Nature, Animal adventure

Dug & Rustle
The Bear Brothers by Anna Funk

It’s a beautiful day in the forest, and Sully the skunk is out looking for lunch. He spots a delicious-looking beetle, so he chases after it through a hollow log. However, while the beetle escapes, Sully gets stuck halfway through the log, with his head sticking out one end, and his tail out the other! He wiggles and wiggles, but he can’t free himself.

Who will be the Good Samaritan and lend a hand?

Anna Funk is a Canadian author. Writing for her is a hobby, as she enjoys reading books with her children. Her first publication was “When I Was a Mango” (2017). The adventures of her husband, daughter, and two sons inspired her to write her second book, “Dug & Rustle.” Anna currently resides in Chilliwack, BC, with her family.


Anna Funk

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