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Fiction, Mystery, Supernatural fiction, Ghosts, Dreams and visions, Romance, Office relationships

Encompassing Darkness
Child of Light by Terah Marie

For as long as she can remember, twenty-four-year-old Cali Stenson has experienced vivid nightmares and disruptive paranormal activity everywhere she goes. When she moves to Vancouver from her home city of Toronto, she hopes to outrun the dark forces. At first, things are looking up—she gets a promotion at work, meets new friends and is even falling in love with a seemingly wonderful man. But her life soon starts to spiral out of control and the supernatural events that follow her refuse to give her peace. The difference is, this time she is not alone—she has a group of friends willing to do whatever it takes to help her battle these demons once and for all. Faced with her greatest challenges yet, Cali must find the strength to listen to what the forces are trying to tell her and most of all, to listen to her heart.

A delightfully eerie tale led by a likable and steadfast protagonist.

Kirkus Reviews

An avid reader of young adult, adult fiction and erotic novels, Terah Marie’s love of reading is what inspired her to write. She wrote this book because she wanted people to know that supernatural phenomena is widely experienced by others and she doesn’t feel the topic should be avoided. She has worked as a hair stylist, medical transcriptionist and customer service representative, but her biggest joy was raising her daughter, who is now a young lady. Terah enjoys painting and making jewelry, and she also plays several instruments, including piano, trombone and violin. She lives with her husband, Jeff, her eleven-year-old daughter, Railyn, and her two dogs, Riley and Beemer, in Edmonton, Alberta.


Terah Marie

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