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  • Black & White
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  • 978-1-5255-3079-1 eBook
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Personal memoir, Christian memoir, Religious memoir, Coming-of-age, Father’s death, Grief memoir, Faith-based memoir

The Storyteller's Son
A Memoir of Loss and Hope in the Storm by Wesley Allan Dueck

A storyteller, upon realizing his life is short, begins to prepare his seven-year-old son Wesley for a dark, fatherless future. Using Bible stories, he tries to convince his son to be a lifetime follower of the God who loves him and longs to be his earthly father's replacement. But when his father passes away, Wesley is filled with bitterness. Like the old tree behind his family home, he is pelted by the storms of life and can only brace himself against the wind. As Wesley embarks on a journey away from the God he believes is responsible for his dad's death, he turns to petty crime and a path marked by bad choices until ultimately a collision course with a “God Encounter” changes his world.

In his memoir, The Storyteller’s Son, Wesley Allan Dueck becomes a storyteller himself by skillfully recounting his stories of his journey’s twisted path – first away from and then towards – his God and religion. Sometimes truth makes a better story than fiction, so buckle up, grab a box of tissues, and prepare for a roller-coaster ride that ends in salvation.

Wesley Allan Dueck photo


Wesley Allan Dueck was born and raised in southern Manitoba, along with five sisters and three brothers. At the age of seven, his father passed away, leaving Wesley’s mother to raise his siblings and him on her own. Wes turned these losses in his life into bitterness towards God. The profound emptiness in his soul led him on a path away from his religion that ultimately circled back to a God who loves him and calls him his son to this day.

Wes finished his high-school education but dropped out of college after one year to pursue a career in the roofing business, which has lasted over 30 years. Other than his favourite team, the Winnipeg Jets, Wesley’s secret passion in life is to tell his stories to anyone who will listen. He is currently working on his second book, a children’s story about his dog Misty. He hopes that his first work, The Storyteller’s Son, will induce someone to reach out to a loving God who is a father to all.


Josiah Koppanyi is a local Winnipeg artist who has showcased his works in two pop-up shop initiatives downtown. Josiah’s paintings typically employ an abstract use of colour with deeply detailed illustration. This simultaneously merges and polarizes the real and imaginary.

The story of how Josiah came to create this book’s cover illustration is itself intricately woven into the narrative of The Storyteller’s Son. In 2003, at the age of fourteen, Josiah was listening to a storyteller in church. As he listened to the story of Psalm 18, Josiah began sketching the scene of the warrior helping the main character to defeat the evil snake-man. When the storyteller, Wesley Allan Dueck, was finished telling his story, he sat down next to Josiah, who handed him the sketch. It has hung in Wesley Dueck's office ever since, and Wesley promised that if he ever wrote a book, he would hire Josiah to do the cover artwork. Fifteen years later, Josiah received the request to paint the cover for the book you are holding in your hands.


Wesley Allan Dueck
Josiah Koppannyi

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