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Memoir, Autobiography, Humor, Canadian Entrepreneur, Marriage, Personal Growth,Family

Those were the days of my life
by P.R. Beaudoin

"Those were the days of my life" is a book that relates stories to the reader, in a thoughtful, humorous and conversational way. The author colorfully communicates his life's adventures from a boy to a pilot, firefighter, father, entrepreneur and more. This book encompasses his life's tales, both good and bad. Some of his stories are not unlike those which you or your friends may have experienced. The author has written this book so as to offer you a different outlook on life. By reading this book, you may find alternative ways to deal with life's journey.

"An engaging, quick read from a man who seems to always be up for a new adventure."

–​Kirkus Reviews

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Philip Beaudoin lives in Eastern Ontario with his wife, family and friends. The author has the gift of being a true storyteller. He was born in 1958 which gives him years of stories to share His storytelling tone captures your imagination with charm and humor. His altruistic nature has lent itself nicely to his storytelling ability.


P.R. Beaudoin

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