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The Octopus
64 True* Stories+
by Darren Fernando

THE OCTOPUS is a collection of compellingly quirky short-stories and narrative poems that offers something to satisfy every kind of taste and interest: Tales about Ouija boards, the world’s best fried chicken, time-travel, the ecstasy of a new relationship, cloning, the agony of a break-up, misuse of government-grants-for-the-arts, full-moons… Quite often, you won’t be sure what’s coming next.

This debut collection paints a series of pictures: some realistic, some surrealistic, each more entertaining than the last, sure to keep readers surprised, amused, bewildered, and fascinated, from beginning-to-end.

Darren currently lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, with his two children, Truman and Daisy.


Darren Fernando

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