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My Blanket
by Maureen Olson

It's the miracle of a child with their new exciting skill of reading that I love so much. And when they can find themselves in the story, it becomes even more profound. After reading My Blanket, my granddaughter Malia, was convinced that this story was about her specifically. It was easy for her to think about how many different ways that she has enjoyed playing with her blanket and some of the various ways that others, even animals have used their blankets. I was excited to hear how well she related to this story.

She is correct in the fact that this book has been written for her age group, those from 6 and up, that are reading on their own. It is also a story that would be easy to read to your child and would spark conversation about their own blanket, family life and extraordinary everyday life together. I think this story is suitable for anyone, any age group, anywhere, any location or country and anytime!

My inspiration for this book comes from the comfort of such scriptures as Psalm 62:6 in the Passion Translation, that talks about how He alone is my safe place and His wrap-around presence always protects me.

I have loved drawing and painting all of my life. My Blanket takes me back to childhood, mine and my children’s. My mother, who is also artistic, said that as a small child I never scribbled; I only drew circles. I’ve never taken lessons. I believe my talent is God given.

We have four daughters who are all artistic in their own way. I’ve enjoyed seeing their many talents develop over the years and now our grandchildren’s too.

I’ve often laughed at hearing the same phrases said by our daughters to our grandchildren that I said to them when they were little, like, “Look at my eyes!”...when trying to get a youngster to really listen. A favourite saying that my own mother used when something upset me was, “It will all come out in the wash.” I told my girls that, oddly, it somehow gave me comfort to hear it. I so enjoy the sweet way children have of seeing and understanding things as shown in this lovely story.

Throughout my life I’ve seen God’s care for me and my family. My Blanket states this perfectly.

My husband Bill and I live in beautiful South Surrey. One of our daughters lives in Prince George BC. Two of our girls live close by to us and our youngest daughter lives in Australia. We also have four wonderful sons-in-law and each family has two children. One of our daughters is expecting their third. Looking forward to our ninth grandchild. Thankful and blessed.

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As a grandmother of three, I have the lovely vantage point of watching my children and spouses raising their own children. Sometimes I hear the same catch phrases that I used, some that my own mother and grandmother used. Many wonderful things are passed down through the generations this way and it makes me nostalgic to think back over the years, to find glimpses of yesteryear.

This story about My Blanket is one of those things that transcends new technology, modern living and can take us right back to the little cabin in the wilderness. I think everyone will be able to identify with this lovely little girl and her blanket. I hope you enjoy reading and talking about this subject and other basic everyday activities like it, with your children and grandchildren.

Maureen enjoys living with her son and his family in Surrey, BC.


Maureen Olson
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