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Children’s fiction, Rhyming fiction, The Tooth Fairy, Children at play, Magic, Wordplay, Friends and neighbours

Abbey's Dental Jewel
by Mary Catherine Rolston

What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth she collects? The mystery has been solved by Mary Catherine Rolston in the delightfully engaging Abbey’s Dental Jewel. In ABC format, combined with alliterative verse, we follow Abbey through the experience of childhood which is universal - a wiggly, jiggly tooth and the problem of how to remove it! Through the author’s colourfully vivid illustrations, we can join Abbey and her friends as they try to hurry the process along, dreaming of cash left under a pillow, and then learn of the magical miracles wrought by the Tooth Fairy and her nightly haul. Inspired by a real-life question from a real-life child, Mary Catherine Rolston has created a wonderful read-aloud. Teachers and parents will appreciate the extension activities at her website,

"A student of mine once told my grade 3 class that she stayed up late and saw the Tooth Fairy. “She was all twinkly,” said Shauna and even the most cynical kids were awed by the news. Such is the fascination of most children. Inspired by a query from a now-grown child, Mary Catherine Rolston has created a whimsical tale which serves to extend our understanding of why the Tooth Fairy wants teeth in the first place. Her book, full of fascinating pictures from interesting angles, is a delightful read and a terrific resource for teachers and parents looking to expand vocabulary or demonstrate writing techniques. A must-have for every school library and classroom!"

—Leslie L. Bell, B.J., B. Ed., OCT, author of Gaia and Me: A Love Poem for Mother Earth

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Mary Catherine Rolston is a retired kindergarten teacher. MC loves to write with rhyme and celebrate the awestruck wonderment of childhood. Abbey’s Dental Jewel is MC’s fifth children’s book and her first time illustrating. Her poem “Fallen Starfish” placed 34th in the Writer’s Digest 5th Annual Poetry Awards in 2010.


Mary Catherine Rolston

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