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    • 978-1-5255-8036-9
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  • Keywords
    • Epic quest,
    • Fantasy adventure,
    • Historical fantasy,
    • Epic adventure,
    • Magic potion,
    • Youth potion,
    • Friendship tale

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The Gold Counter
A Mystical Fantasy about Adventure, Companionship, Magic and Love
by Andrew P. Wild

What do you do when your king abducts your elderly wife so she can concoct potions for him? You drink your wife’s experimental Elixir of Youth and hope it works! The Gold Counter tells the tale of an old man turned suddenly young again and his quest to find the love of his life. After appropriating a barrel full of the king’s gold coins, he goes on to join a travelling merchant caravan and sets off on a grand adventure. Along the way, he is faced with devastating foes, impossible challenges and magic of grievous calamity. But his journey is not all terrible! He meets new folk, creates unique companionships and builds life-long memories out of devotion and love. With the elixir rapidly aging him, the adventurer and his giant rum-swilling friend are in a race to rescue his beloved and return home before time runs out. This dystopian fantasy has all the right elements: a corrupt and greedy king, necromancers, banshees, goblins, plagues, all kinds of potions and much more.

Andrew P. Wild photo

Debut fantasy author Andrew P. Wild displays a sense of humour in this novel that will leave you laughing out loud even as you cringe at some of his characters’ antics. His love of exploring connections in human and paranormal situations in this off-kilter universe is the stuff of movies. With true wit and superior insight, Andy has crafted an epic fantasy that will leave readers looking for more. Andy lives in Victoria, B.C., where he is working on his next novel.


Andrew P. Wild
Katherine Wild

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