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First Nation, Hope during struggle, overcoming adversity, hardship positivity, cultural insensitivity, Andy Charles, Indigenous People

A New Beginning For Andy Charles
by Phillip Lawrence Fowler

When I was having breakfast at an A&W restaurant, I noticed a First Nation's man sitting two tables away. His very pale skin color aroused my interest, with my background in Photography, and being naturally curious,I went to talk to him and realized this man had a story to tell. I asked him if I could write his life story and take some pictures of him. He agreed. Hence this book, A New Beginning for Andy Charles.

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Although I was raised in an organized religious spectrum, I always felt it more important to be myself and express myself in a non-judgmental way. This has led to me to live a more spiritual existence. In my walk of life, I have been fortunate to meet many people like myself. They have been instrumental in providing me with the desire to share our common conscientious awareness in my writings.


Phillip Lawrence Fowler

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