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Witch shoe legend, John Ivor Mitchell, The Devil’s Jail, Devil possession, Novel about witches, Novel about devil, Supernatural fiction

A Murder in Heaven
by John Ivor Mitchell

It isn’t wise for anyone to make an enemy of God. Yet Phil had done just that. Now he was perplexed and fleeing unimaginable forces. Wronged and betrayed he faced odds that were decreasing by the second.

Could his only advantage keep him alive? His chances of finding love were even more remote. Unwittingly pursuing a perilous and unauthorized path, surely there would be casualties. Whom and how many, remained to be seen. Phil’s existence, inexorably linked with all of mankind, could throw the World into the one thing we all wish to avoid.

When John Mitchell writes, he steps away from the high tech world of computer systems that comprises his work life and he downloads all of his creativity and energy, into a magical world which is a metaphor for the issues of the modern world.

Educated in England, the author emigrated to Canada where he founded a consultancy. The son of an novelist, also influenced by a rigid education system: it was inevitable that writing would become his passion. 

The author delves into the balance of good and evil, exploring religious, spiritual and moral values and boundaries. Unholy alliances are sought, human nature is exposed and the balancing act of civilization is put to the test. The reader is challenged to question the nature of good and evil in an imaginative and exhilarating story where the roles and actions of deities are overturned.


John Ivor Mitchell

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