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  • Sins Of Eight: Whistleblowers


    Aiden’s lifelong struggle against Seven, a deceptive demonic being that has sought to control him ever since he was a child, reaches a new level when Aiden teams up with his son, Gael, who has formed a group called the Whistleblowers. They are ...

  • Mantle of the World Ruler


    An ancient curse broken, a new prophecy foretold, and a grimoire of dark Druidic magic. After a year of unimaginable violence, magic, and an all-consuming love that has followed her through countless incarnations, Julia Harrison has not only come ...

  • Solum


    Bennett Jones (BJ) had been an outcast for his entire life. The only person he really cared for died when he was thirteen, and BJ was accused of murdering her. Neglected by his family and shunned and bullied by his peers, somehow BJ made it into ...

  • Sins Of Eight: The Ballad of Lamia


    The saga continues. The crimson scourge has declared annexation, cementing its control upon the world. The Dragon will soon deliver the epoch of Funus. Will you brave The Ballad of Lamia?

  • The Judge


    Michael Cricket is a lawyer who has everything going for him—perfect health, a great job, and lots of money. To top it off, he’s been married to the love of his life, Sharon, for fifteen years. However, on the day of their anniversary, it all comes ...

  • Souls Beneath Olympus


    Eligio is a high school student who has spent his entire life as a slave in a world controlled by an oppressive organization called ROYALTY. When he is cast out by his friend group, he decides to end his life. However, the primordial god Chaos ...

  • The Bookmaker


    Lyric Murphy has been trying to keep her imagination from running away with her. She knows it makes her family uncomfortable when she sees things they don’t. But before she can get a handle on it, she finds herself face to face with two runaway ...

  • Tides of the Sovereign


    A centuries-old rebirth curse, an otherworldly Celtic prince, and an inescapable prophecy. Thirty-year-old magic Bearer Julia Harrison had never given the notion of past lives or grand destinies any real credence or thought. She has knowledge of ...

  • Ash

    A Mythos Novel by

    Daniel always knew his family was different from others, it wasn’t just the ghost of a long dead woman haunting them. Or the political games his family played. It was the family gift, known but rarely spoken of. To kill or hurt with just a ...

  • Sins Of Eight


    At a young age, Aiden Newbolde meets what he believes to be an imaginary friend. He introduces himself as Ira, though he prefers to be called Seven. He grows very fond of Aiden and because of this soft spot for him, Seven wants Aiden to live a ...