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Cats, Differences, Nighttime, Daytime, Play, Rest, Family

Day Cat, Night Cat
by Catherine Owen

Day Cat Night Cat is the engaging "tail" of a young boy called Hayden who lives with a single mother on the edge of the city. He has two fantastical companions. When the sun is up, the day cat visits him and they play wild games together. Then, when he grows tired, the day cat vanishes and the night cat mysteriously appears. First, before Hayden falls asleep, then while he dreams, the night cat provides him with comfort, adventures and protection. Until the sun rises, and the cats magically change shifts again.

Catherine Owen photo

About the Author - Catherine Owen is a well published writer of 13 books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Her children's books The Truckdriving Princess came out in 2011 and The Matador of Shadows in 2015. She has been nominated for a range of awards and won the Alberta Book Prize in 2010. She lives in Edmonton and has two black cats, Equinox and Solstice, who were the inspiration for this book.

About the Illustrator - Jenny Keith is a contemporary artist based in Edmonton, Canada. She is a graduate of the University of Alberta where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, specializing in painting and sculpture. She creates whimsical and textured artwork, often by layering acrylic paint with etched beeswax. Her subject matter frequently includes images of animals and natural curiosities, along with humans and abstract views of microscopic biology. She has three cats, Clarke, Willie and Dinah.


Catherine Owen
Jenny Keith

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