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Self Awareness, Healing, Channelled Guidance, Reiki, Shamanism, Spiritual growth, Tarot

Fully Engaged on a Courageous Path
Living Life in the Moment With Reiki, Channeled Guidance Spirit Animals, Shamanic Journeys, and Tarot As Spiritual Growth Tools by Estelle R. Reder

Unexpected things happen in life. How you handle them defines you, makes or breaks you.

For author Estelle Reder, that journey evolved though a series of exciting new experiences from shamanic journeys to Reiki healings and teachings and guidance from a variety of mystics both earth-bound and celestial.

“There are an increasing number of souls who are awakening to the depths of their own sacred natures. They will resonate with your writing. You deliver these deep messages in a language that is inviting.”

~ Babaji, prophet, guru and avatar

“Your writing is a beautiful gift. Your books were worth the wait. You truly are a word whisperer.” ~ Bonnie Yvonne Bodnarchuk, Artist

“This, the final book in Estelle’s That’s My Story trilogy, has been anticipated with much eagerness and wholly satisfies. Her voice is strong, clear and inspirational as she effortlessly weaves a fascinating narrative with inspiration. She reminds us of the truth of who we really are and the steps we need to take to create the life we desire. This is her strength as a writer and story-teller.”

~ Marianne Gillis, author, Musings on a Bookshelf: Buddhism to Spiritualism

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“This journey surpassed my wildest hopes. It has profoundly transformed and inspired me. The ripples continue to travel inwards and outwards as I work to integrate these experiences into my life.”

Estelle Reder is a healer, life coach, author and public speaker. She hosts meditation groups, teaches various forms of spiritual healing and offers private tarot readings internationally via skype from both her summer home in Canada and her winter home in Texas.


Estelle R. Reder
Marianne Gillis
Robert Elrick

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