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Love, relationships, loss, separation, creative process, being a poet, writing

by Yupa Suachowpa

Inshallah claims its place amongst social media poetry and Instagram sensations like Rupi Kaur. These poems are like perfect cups and inside each is something essential. Personal, observational, and confessional, Inshallah carries themes of self-care, romance, unrequited love, potent femininity, and resiliency. At times, these poems are self-aware and conversational, but there are private moments of self-preservation and self-love, too, reminding us of what it takes to withstand relationships. From romance to motherhood to friendships, these poems refuse to be possessed or destroyed—they explore what it means to navigate love without losing oneself. Inshallah is for the modern reader: no doubt you will find yourself in these pages and understand something about your life that you hadn’t before.

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Yupa Suachowpa’s love for poetry developed from a young age, when her father, a village poet, would sing her epic Thai literature at bedtime. Like many modern poets, she uses Instagram as a platform for her writing. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking in Minnekhada Regional Park near her home in Port Coquitlam. She was the owner of an award winning Thai restaurant, All Thai’d Up, in Port Coquitlam. Inshallah is her first book of poetry.


Yupa Suachowpa
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