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Passover, Lamb, Communion, Feasts, Mystery, Bread & Wine, Spirituality

Mystery Feast
The Meal of Release
by Wendy Varga

Are you ever intrigued by the unequivocal power of Heaven? Then may this book send you on a search for the unequalled, unrivalled capacity of Heaven contained in one earthly meal.

From abusive, nightmarish torture to absolute, unabridged liberation after the consumption of one meal. It’s the mystery of supernatural history!

Let the Feast begin…

…This is not a book to read in just one sitting. This is a book to study...

—Pastor Eve Bassett, The Church of Abundant Life Ministries

Each chapter is a new invitation to sit with God and share a meal together.

—Grant M. Derkatz, N.H.P.

Unveiled truths provide fresh impact and personal application…

—Debbie Hiatt, President, High Gate Press, LLC

An interesting and insightful analysis … one that I hope will help others on their journey of faith.

—Laura Matheson, Editor

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Wendy Varga is a songwriter, author, worship leader, and prophetic minister. She currently ministers with her family and teaches an accredited curriculum equipping others to reach their full potential. Michael and Wendy live in Alberta and are blessed with their children, Jevon, Jeneca and her husband Vincent, and Jalyn.


Wendy Varga

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