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Achieving success, Personal growth, Professional growth, Self awareness, Leadership, Emotional intelligence, Peak performance

The Power Advantage
A Win-Twice Formula to Reach Personal and Professional Potential
by Dr. Joe Currier

The POWER Advantage

Passion. Ownership. Wellness. Excellence. Relationships.

In The POWER Advantage, Dr. Joe Currier demonstrates that when leaders overturn stale, outdated, top-down business management conventions and instead pursue four foundational values required of modern global organizations—Passion, Ownership, Wellness, Relationships—they will succeed in building enthusiastic, healthy, and highly successful teams. The inevitable outcome of implementing these key strategies is Excellence—for the team members and for the organizations they represent.

Gathering the knowledge accumulated over forty-five-years of professional dedication as a psychologist, management consultant, and college faculty member, Dr. Currier invites readers to partake in honest self-inventory, examining their vulnerabilities and failures as well as their skills and strengths, and then teaches them how to seek feedback from others in order to realize their optimal performance. The author draws on long-tested psychological understanding of individuals’ needs as well as from successful strategies implemented by industry leaders, and he builds upon his own experiences as a Chief Learning Officer and from presenting workshops for organizations all over the world.

By helping leaders recognize the power they can gain by sharing the lessons learned from their personal and professional journeys, truly listening to their team members, and creating feedback-rich, fulfilling work environments, The Power Advantage provides concrete methodologies for those wishing to maximize their team’s potential—and for anyone who wants to achieve his or her personal best.

“The Power Advantage will give you the Keys to the Kingdom. You will learn to become a ‘fully dimensional’ leader who can work the Process to the desired Outcome.”

-Brian Billick, Super Bowl-winning Head Coach of the NFL Baltimore Ravens, broadcaster, leadership consultant, and entrepreneur.

Dr. Currier is a psychologist who, in his extensive career, has been involved in leadership development, executive coaching, succession planning, change-transition management, crisis intervention, and team building with a wide variety of organizations ranging from the Baltimore Ravens NFL franchise, The Allegis Group, Mobil Oil, KPMG, and the United States Forest Service. He frequently serves as a personal coach and consultant to senior business executives, world-class athletes, and professional team managers. Among other titles, his previous books include: Connect the Dots, 10 Leadership Contracts, Managers Must Lead—Leaders Must Manage, and Excuses . . . EXCUSES.


Dr. Joe Currier

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