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Poetic impressions, trucker, day-today life, relationships, hurt, personal angst, delight

On the Road to Delight
Poems and Short Stories
by Peter Shred

Life has had it's ups and downs. The last twenty years or more have been in control of an eighteen wheel transport truck. This is my poetic interpretation of the the happenings at work and home. Being alone most of the time, lets the mind wander. Having the pleasure of watching my family grow over the years, has manifested a plethora of information. Some of my work is whimsical or fictitious, but nevertheless inspired by the world around me.

Thanks to my daughter Siobhan and My good friend Maurita for her Photograph

Just a middle class working stiff who gets inspired by staring out of a windshield. While driving for a living wasn't my first choice as a provider. I can't complain too much, as it kept the family together. Being now middle aged I want to share my thoughts in rhyme with the world. Loving life and what it has thrown at me has kept me going over the years. I hope you enjoy my writings as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you.


Peter Shred
Siobhan Shred
Maurita Caswell

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