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Family & Relationships, Parenting, Child Development, Self-help, Communication, Gratitude, Forgiveness

Parent to Parent
A Personal Journey of Raising Extraordinary Children by Teaching Essential Life Skills
by B. Janine Fulla

Planned Parenthood isn’t just about planning the right time in your life to have a child. It’s also about making choices regarding how you want to raise your child by understanding yourself, discovering your own coaching abilities, and developing a conscious map that allows for a few side excursions along the way. It’s about opening the drapes and letting the light in, taking deep breaths, and embracing all the sweet, inconvenient, laughable, stressful, playful ups and downs of this great adventure.

At its heart, this book is a personal journey of raising children to be empowered, authentic and confident in themselves. It is about helping the parent engage in effective communication, teaching skills such as, leading your children to be responsible for their choices and actions and teaching them to trust their own intuitive signals along with, insights on breaking old parenting patterns.

Parenting has changed dramatically since you were raised, and by the time you raise your children, it will dramatically change again. This is known as the Highway of Life and as such, there are times you will find the process… slow. Other times you will find the ride is going way too fast, and just want to put your foot on the brakes. Every child is different, every child has challenges they will test you with, and every experience can be the most profound moments of your life.

This book is for parents of children of all ages, including grandparents, caregivers, teachers, coaches, babysitters – anyone who interacts with growing children, in any setting. They say it takes a village to raise a child. This book is for the village.

"Janine’s compassion for parents, youth and children in challenging circumstances is strong and unwavering. Her encouragement, modelling and respect have given the parents she works with the forum to connect with each other, to find empowerment within themselves, and to find renewed hope for their relationship with their families and their children.”

— Program Director, Volunteer Parenting Group

“Wow! I love this book. Jan captures and shares lessons for the soul, for every child and parent. There are many parenting books about babies’ cries and toddlers’ tantrums, but this book is different. It addresses the most important and elusive aspect of our lives, ‘the soul.’ ‘We learn to parent every day,’ Jan says, and she’s right. Jan takes us on her own journey through childhood, sharing her history and how it has empowered her and her children. This book helps us to stop and breathe, realizing we are in this together with our kids.”

“By nourishing our children’s souls and our own, we give and receive an enduring and invaluable gift; raising and becoming good citizens, good people. Jan writes about qualities that nourish the soul, things like self esteem, gratitude, gut instinct, volunteering and giving. Jan reminds us what really matters in life; loving, laughing, making memories and making sense of life.”

“I believe ‘Parent to Parent’ is helpful to all, from new parents to those of us whose children are grown. This book is an invaluable guide along the challenging, sometimes confusing, but always rewarding journey known as parenthood.”

“I am looking forward to more guidance from Jan, and am thankful she has reminded me of all that I hold so dear.”

— Patty Mack,

“From the opening quote to the final page, I appreciated this book so much. It was like sitting down with a cup of tea with Jan right across from me sharing her wisdom. I highly recommend this book for everyone who has children in their life. While my own son is grown up, some things that I read gave me pause to think of how I respond to my three sweet grandchildren.”

“Thank you for putting this work out into the world.”

— Carolyne Taylor, Community Leader,

“What a great book! Jan has accomplished a very accessible guide for parents to tackle the most important work in their lives, raising competent, thoughtful people. Jan has created a wonderful guide illustrating parenting advice through engaging stories of her own experience with her children. Parents can relate to this book as Jan shares not only her parenting successes, but her failures as well. Most importantly, the lessons learned from these failures and how to make the next time better. Jan encourages parents to listen to their children, so that they can find out more about them. Too often we as parents, think we know everything there is to know about our child.”

“Educators would love parents to read this book, so that they can have meaningful conversations with parents about their children.”

— Jim Cambridge, Superintendent, School District #62

“As a Preschool Teacher with over 30 years experience, and a parent myself, I recommend ‘Parent to Parent’ as a go to guide for parents or teachers. This is a ‘no fluff’ book about not being the so called perfect parent, but about being the best you can be. There are times while raising our children that we can feel alone, this book will remind you that you are not alone. As Jan writes, parenting is not a popularity contest or about giving in to your child’s wants, and she gives us some examples on how to do this better.”

‘Take ‘Parent to Parent’ with you on your journey and enjoy.”

— Patricia Barbon, Rainbows and Dreams Preschool

“In a world where common sense is no longer common, comes along an uncomplicated little book full of wise words and practical advice. It is meant for every parent, no matter your own personal upbringing or present family status, who wants to become better at parenting and raise exceptional human beings. It won’t take you long to figure out that Janine Fulla has done more than write a handbook on good parenting skills. What she has really done is written a ‘common sense’ guide to remind us all how to be exceptional human beings.”

“A must give, thoughtful gift for every new parent you know.”

— Diana Frajman,

“Jan has written a unique book, a one of a kind parenting guide. Beautifully written and inspiring. Jan has documented her sincere journey through parenthood. By sharing not only her insights, and personal experiences with her own children, she has created this generations ‘go-to’ manual which contains priceless content for our ‘parenting toolbox.’ Her take on love, wisdom and patience can help us all raise authentic children, while crushing their limiting beliefs.”

“The proof in ‘Parent to Parent’ is in her own children. Kailee and Brenden are both self-empowered, authentic, brave, kind and out to make our world a better place to be.”

“Jan’s book inspires us to not only be better parents but, better people. An absolute must read that will be a life changer for many!”

— Debra Bartlett, Single Parent, Realtor,

“I’ve spent countless hours helping people sort through parenting issues and issues with their parents. This book will help both. It graciously acknowledges the inherent challenges of parenting while identifying the essential parenting principles that lead to healthy hearts and homes.”

— Barry Hansen, Pastor, - Nanaimo, BC

B. Janine Fulla photo

Janine is a single mother of two now adult children. After creating and holding various classes for parents of teens, single parents, and mentoring others, she obtained a certificate in Counselling Skills. Her personal parenting style and the many classes she has held on effective parenting resulted in this book. Her children and the participants in her many classes kept asking her to “write it down”. With gentle wit and wisdom, she has done just that and Parent to Parent is the welcome result.


B. Janine Fulla

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