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Children, Fantasy, Bad hair, Trolls, Friendship, Princesses, Adventure

Princess and Troll
Once Upon A Time on a Bad Hair Day by M. Mammonek

Princess Marie Antonette, who lives in a fairy-tale kingdom far away, is no ordinary girl. Her long, beautiful hair changes colour several times a day—from blue, to pink, to violet, and more! Her parents worry that she is sick, but the princess’s fairy godmother knows best. Marie’s hair is special and made of magic—and it is alive! It can move all by itself, and sometimes it can be very stubborn. However, her hair can also make dreams come true, changing colours to amuse the other children, and even turning into butterflies!

However, there is someone nearby who does not like the royal family, the princess, or any of the children who live in the kingdom. He is the troll who lives beneath the floorboards of the princess’s room, and he is angry that everybody is so loud and having more fun than he. One day, he puts a mean spell on the princess’s hair that turns it into a hideous mess, and instead of butterflies, terrifying beasts come out of it!

Both the troll and the princess are very unhappy, but one day they meet each other. The princess realizes that the troll is not evil—he is just misunderstood. Everybody deserves to be happy. However, will they be able to put aside their anger and differences to make peace?

In “Princess and Troll,” a delightful rhyming fairy tale, M. Mammonek explores conflict resolution through peaceful means, encouraging children to foster empathy with one another and work together to achieve their dreams.

M. Mammonek is a writer who currently resides in Saskatoon, Canada, with her husband, Jacek, and their two English Mastiffs. She holds a BA from the University of Regina, and she studied art and art history at the University of Pretoria. She also studied Architectural Design at the Technical University of Gdansk. She is a photographer and enjoys travelling.

A mother herself, M. Mammonek has a big love for children and enjoys telling them stories that bring joy. Her first publication was “Escape from Cat City” (2018), which was received well by children and her community. “Princess and Troll,” a delightful rhymed fairy tale inspired by the author’s own bad hair day, is about two lonely young ones finding each other. M. Mammonek hopes this story will show children how true happiness comes from resolving conflicts in a peaceful way.


M. Mammonek

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