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Women’s mental health, Christian marriage, Family tragedy, Tragic family legacy, Small town family trauma, Psychotic break, Surviving family trauma

Side Effects
by Myrna Brown

Sophie, a young wife, experiences a breakdown. She is hospitalized and isolated. Before she can recuperate fully, she must feel forgiven for a misdeed in her childhood. She covets that forgiveness, especially from her father. By telling her story to Abe, the nurse practitioner, she finds a way to a new inner freedom. Her relationship with her father is restored, and the reader comes to understand how the story of her childhood affects her ability to choose for herself and find peace and fulfillment. While emotionally gripping, the author leaves the reader with a sense of the realities in life we all face: loss, grief and sometimes mistreatment.

This is Myrna Brown’s third novel. She didn’t begin writing until she was retired and was in her early seventies. Myrna Brown has been a writer in various capacities all her life. She has written and edited a small town newspaper. She was an editor and author and in charge of publicity for a small college in California. For several years she was a writer/editor for the Air Force at both the Satellite Control Facility in Sunnyvale California and later at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. At age 50, she attended and was graduated from the George Mason University in Fairfax, VA with a degree in nursing. She was subsequently employed as a floor nurse in a major hospital in Northern Virginia. She ultimately became a hospice Nurse. She ended her nursing career when she moved to Wilmington NC upon her husband’s retirement. She spent many years in her early life in West Africa. She was born in Washington State where her father ranched on the Tideland of the Columbia River. Many of her character’s experiences relate back to the Northwest.


Myrna Brown
Michal Lee
Robert Raleigh

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