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Sorcery and magic, Alternate history, Ireland, Celtic, Norse mythology, Separate world, Secret weapon

Escape To Ellse Where
Ellfaerran Diaries Book One
by Shaene Ragan

The Ellfs of the Jeweled Isles had gathered to celebrate their prince’s Majority Ritual when a strange fleet of oilskin boats landed on their shores. They brought a group of Celts called Firbolgs and the deformed gods they revered, the Fomorii. So long had it been since the Ellfs had known war that they were quickly overrun by the fierce invaders. Now, Prince Ellfstane and the Sorceress Katara must look into their people’s forgotten memories to find a way to defend their isles from destruction. While Katara seeks a powerful weapon, Ellfstane discovers a spell to keep the kingdom away from the enemy’s clawing hands. Together with the gods that sponsor their magical abilities, they craft a new home for their people in a place the Firbolgs would never expect.

Prequel to Separated Soul

Shaene Ragan is the author of Separated Soul, a contributor to the Island Moments Anthology and the Shadows of the Dawn Anthology, and has published poetry with the Poetry Institute of Canada. She is fascinated with archaeology and anthropology, specifically the prehistory and stone monoliths of the British Isles, and is an avid backyard astronomer. She lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Malaspina University.


Shaene Ragan

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