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Self-help, Motivational, Inspirational, Positive thinking, Affirmations, Visualization, Success strategies

Design the Life You Want
Live the life you imagine by George Ayee

Most people believe that success is for a lucky few; but Design the Life You Want and Live the Life You Imagine offers incontrovertible proof that this is simply not true. Success is for everyone – you included. You were born to succeed; to achieve your dreams, to thrive, to enjoy a life of increase, and to leave others with a sense of increase in their lives. Every dreamer has to fight the battle of the mind where success and failure are manufactured and where achievement, advancement, progress, and accomplishment are either won or lost. In Design the Life You Want, you will learn how twenty-four hours used properly each day can change the trajectory of your life, how adversity can refine and build you up for the great things life has to offer, and how to manage the challenges life throws at you. The keys to your success and advancement can be found in helping others get what they want! Practical, yet joyfully rendered and deeply inspirational, this carefully developed, well-executed set of strategies to create a meaningful and gratifying life, will speak very clearly to readers and expedite real growth and progress in their lives.

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Dr. George Ayee, a consultant, professional speaker, coach, and trainer, has a doctorate in business administration, an MBA in international business administration, and a BSc in finance/accounting. As a consultant and motivational speaker, Dr. Ayee works with organizations and individuals, coaching leaders and others to work through change and transformation quickly and successfully. In his electrifying seminars, his passionate, inspirational, and high-energy calls to action liberate his audiences and engage them in action towards achieving their visions, strategic objectives, and goals. In his long and successful career he has worked with world-class businesses, oil and gas corporations, banks, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, and government institutions. But he also has a great deal to offer ordinary people who want to succeed in life, follow their passion, exploit their potential, make more money, and achieve organizational objectives. You can contact Dr. Ayee at: or


George Ayee

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