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Grandmother, Grandfather, Childhood, Swimming, Courage, Luck, Anxiety

In Search of Something Green
by Mary Catherine Rolston

Summertime is finally here, and Matthew is excited to spend a week at his grandparent’s cottage. But even though he has taken swimming lessons at his local pool, Matthew is still petrified of jumping off the dock into the deep, dark lake. Everyday Grandpoobee offers him swimming strategies while Nanabana takes him on nightly walks into the forest in search of a rare green charm that will bring him luck. Does Matthew find the courage he needs? Does Grandpoobee’s coaching help? Or does he find a lucky charm? Or maybe Matthew just made a leap of faith and courage!

As a teacher/ librarian and parent , I recommend In Search of Something Green. Beautifully written and illustrated, it instills a love of nature, emphasises the importance of family ties, and promotes a growth mindset. A book that will inspire grandparents to create memories!

Andrea Bradshaw Honours B.A., B. Ed. OCT

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Mary Catherine Rolston, a.k.a Fairy Dazzle ( is a retired Hamilton, Ontario elementary school teacher who now lives in Victoria B.C.. She has written both children’s books and poetry as well as business parables, and throughout all of these works, her mission has always been to promote leadership, living passionately, and infusing life with fun. In Search of Something Green, like everything she writes, is full of compassion, values, relationships, and awestruck wonder.


Mary Catherine Rolston
Katie Shepherd

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