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Activism, Travel, Romance, Education, Philosophy, Science, Spirituality

Lifting the Fog
Curiosity, Inspiration, and Romance on Happy trails by Siegfried Beckedorf

In his fiction story the author created characters, two students feeling frustration in their chosen subjects after two years at a Canadian university. Uncertain about their future, they felt a need to interrupt their studies and travel to European countries. Exciting experiences in France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland distracted their attention from frustration to romance, philosophy and new thinking at the GOETHEANUM in Dornach, Switzerland.They delayed their return to Canada and settled down in Switzerland finding opportunities to expand their education.They got married. Happy years of living in Switzerland followed and led to international involvement and sharing their experiences.

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At 87 years of age the author's own experiences in the field of finding a meaningful role and life, he is sharing his motivation, interest in philosophy, individuality, and love for writing with students and others in his book.

Oscar Schellbach in his book MY SYSTEM OF SUCCESS with subtitle A Positive Attitude in Theory and Practise influenced my life at an early age.

Gary Zukav encouraged my growing interest in looking at life beyond the limitations of the five senses., and some unanswered questions that can be answered by experience. In his book THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS, a story written also for those not trained in science and technology, I enjoyed his sense of depth as well as humour


Siegfried Beckedorf

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