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The Greatest Gift
Finding 100 blessings from the Fort McMurray Wild Fire
by Joy Ellen Lalonde

Joy Ellen Lalonde is a Life Coach, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach and Personal Training Specialist. On her personal quest to enlightenment and a deeper meaning in life, she is put to the test while being evacuated from her home for over a month during the ravaging wildfires that swept through Fort McMurray, Alberta. Having experienced many dark times in her life, Joy is now determined that only good lies ahead and every experience has a blessing in it. The evidence of this was overwhelming in this surreal event that will not soon be forgotten.

Lighting your path to happiness. Joy Comes From Within

A heartfelt and noble project, this collection of blessings documents in a highly personal way a city coping with an enormous tragedy. It also highlights the resilient spirit of Albertans, and will be certain to give comfort and hope to those who went through this ordeal or any difficult time in life. A city infamous for its generosity is giving more now than ever before. Hand in hand they stand together rebuilding a place they call home.


Joy Ellen Lalonde

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